Vinyl Packaging and Promotional Branding

The brief was to create any type of music packaging that you like, whether it be for CD, vinyl, tape or USB. I was also able to choose the music and/or album for myself. For my piece, I decided to go with Eminem's 'Recovery', but to rework it in the style of a vinyl album. I was able to develop a concept which is original, and which stands out from the art of all of his other albums.

Skills used:Typography,Branding,Photography and Packaging

This project gave me total freedom to express my personal interpretation of the music through its packaging. In this piece, I designed the box, including the images inside it, each of which was personally taken by me in order to be an expression of an individual song; the typography, including the handwritten notes which are only visible once the vinyl is removed, thereby adding a personal touch to the album; and the giant 'E', which can be mounted as a wall-hanging. I consistently used wood as the medium for my design, as it captures the album's themes of struggle, rough times, and endurance. Beyond the packaging itself, I also created a poster, a phone case, and two t-shirts as promotional material for the album. These additional items allowed me to emphasise and expand upon the particular design style that I developed for the vinyl section of this project.

NHS SAD Campaign

This campaign was done for a competition that was run by the NHS. The aim of the campaign was to make people aware of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), an illness that many people have never heard about.Below are my final designs and the different approaches that I adopted. My main focus with this project was typography, and it played a central role in each of my finished pieces.

Skills used:Typography,Advertising and Photography

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Here, my aim was to tap into the metaphorical potential of typography. For instance, in one image, I have the text written over the picture of a person, symbolising his inability to express himself. And in another image, I use the typography of a child to better emphasise how vulnerable people with SAD are. In this sense, I always wanted the typography to work in unison with the meaning of the text, so that one reinforced the other. Alongside this, I created photography that would be at once eye-catching and visceral. I paid special attention to the use of colour, foregrounding the use of black in order to underline the darkness and depression that sufferers of SAD experience.

Hint Brand Book

A short book, entitled ‘Hint’ that presents myself as a brand. It uses image and colours as well as text to represent who I am. This project allowed me to experiment with printing, substrates and binding, each of which forms an integral part of the final piece. The book reads as a single story that is laid out across several visual spreads.

Skills used:Typography,Photography and Book Design and Logo Design

Although this is a short book, it was thoroughly considered on numerous levels. For instance, most of the photographs were taken by me, so that I could create a poetic relationship between the text and the images. Moreover, the type of paper used for each page was chosen in order to amplify the feelings conveyed by its words and images. Finally, the overall composition was used to highlight the versatility of the logo, showing that it can be effective whether it is depicted large-scale, small-scale, or somewhere in-between. Ultimately, the aim was to make text, imagery, material, and composition marry as perfectly as possible, so that the final piece would have the maximum impact upon its audience.

Original Source Brand Extention

This was a group project where we needed to create a new product for an existing brand. The brand we decided upon was Original Source. The product we chose to design was a body mist entitled 'Body Drenching Mist'. I was the group's researcher, and it was my job to ensure that our brand extension fitted with the brand's target audience. Below are the final pieces of our group work and our presentation.

Skills used:Research,illustrator and Branding

The first three images reveal the key findings from my research, with the visuals chosen to match the brand's aesthetic style. The facts displayed in these images were critical for the brand extension as a whole. As a group, we were very pleased with the final result of our work. We believe the product worked well both in and of itself, and as an addition to the 'Original Source' brand. Our presentation incorporated further elements of the 'Original Source' brand - such as fruit, grass, and exotic colours - and was treated by those who viewed it as a great success.

Personal work

Photography is a passion of mine, something that I feel is a core part of who I am. I enjoy it and practise it regularly, and it provides a more personal outlet for my ideas. It also forms a key part within my design process. Below is some work that I did outside of university, either for other people or purely as a hobby. These photos have been selected to show the range of my work.

About me

Without doubt, graphic design is one of the things I love doing the most. Although my interest in this field is vast, my specialisms lie in typography, print design, layout, and photography. These skills have always fed into my projects, either as focal points or as supporting pieces within them, and I love the way graphic design brings several of my passions together. Beyond these things, I enjoy music, reading, football, and visiting museums in order to get fresh ideas. To get in touch about design work, or just to say ‘hello’, simply send me a message using the form below. And to find out more about me and my work, check out my social media links.

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